Hello everyone, as you may know, we used to have a discord server. If you have been banned off of it do not be alarmed as that was the old discord server. We now have a brand new and improved discord server! If you would like to join it here is the link for it.


Hope to see you on the discord server!
Hello, everyone, this post is going to be kinda rushed but to keep it short & simple someone breached into our servers. Pretty much an ex-staff member has given certain permissions to an alt and used to ban & grief Universe. Luckily within 2 minutes, our team was on the case. We have made backups about 1 hour before this so nothing major rolled back. Also, just the worlds will be rolled back nothing else was needed due to the fact it was just a grieving. To prevent this we have just tripled check our databases, passwords, account safety and more things along those matters.

Remember guys this weekend we haveYouTuber coming on along with some new features for skyblock
Hello everyone just to inform everyone this is AnonymousOG on this account. I am here to inform everyone UniverseMC today has been going through some tough issues. For example, Polx and Typheko our manager have resigned or were either demoted along with KastAways. This is 3 upper staff gone within 2 days apart which is a huge deal for the network including since I'm on vacation. I'd like to say that our forums are back up and running with many things missing due to Kastaways deleting many important posts after he was demoted. He as well banned everyone off of TeamSpeak, but this has been solved now that bans were reset. I am also here to announce that weekly new features will start up once I am back in town. If you have any questions or ideas updates just reply to this thread.