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    Denied Etalanic's staff application

    - What is your In-Game Name? EtalanicYT - Are you applying for Twitch or Youtube? Youtube - What is your Discord/Can you get Discord? sheen the skullcrusher#8456 - What is your Twitch/Youtube Channel? - How many Subscribers/Followers...
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    I am A good staff

    go back and scroll all the way down, Once you done that it says staff applications copy all of the questions out using copy and paste then press new forum and awnser the questions to the best that you can!
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    Wojan's Media Application

    i ment requirements sorry
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    Neptune IS Top predictions

    So Diversity my island won this week very unexpected tho
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    For the new helpers

    See i think the new helpers should get quite a bit of recognition due to the stress and toxicity they get from the people. I believe people try and get the best of them and there not use to that so here's to the staff team and all the helpers on universe. They're also most of the time the most...
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    Media apply getflashbanged

    Nice application good luck
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    KoolKingGaming's Media Application

    Love your style of editing good luck!
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    Wojan's Media Application

    Nice application but does not meet format sorry
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    I am A good staff

    Make an staff appeal USING the format next time
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    if you die does your soul die?

    if you die does your soul die?
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    how longs the map?
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    congratz imweed for helper

    congratz imweed for helper