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Recent content by Tundra

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    Suggestion Donator ranks on the forums

    Everyone would have to make tickets and what not, I think this idea would be cool though and have each rank give a certain color to that persons name
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    Suggestion Jupiter Realm clean-up.

    everything is broken
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    Suggestion Voting on Mercury

    votes broke on all realms
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    Suggestion REPORT

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    Suggestion /Trash

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    Suggestion UnBlacklist All

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    Denied Me I can do it

    You didnt even put your ign so nobody knows who you are either. This application will be auto denied if you do not follow format guidelines
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    Denied Me I can do it

    No, 1st off you didnt even spell <Server Name> correctly and 2nd you followed no formats at all
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    Denied SuperJunes_Staff_Application

    Probably shouldn't swear on here makes you look unprofessional
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    Denied Beanies Staff application

    The application looks to close together and im not sure you followed all the guidelines, You should go to the format and change it a little bit. Good luck though :)
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    Denied Fraggered Staff Application

    His old ign used to be Ziphone if you remember that, We came here 3-4 seasons ago
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    Denied Yily's Staff Application

    good luck though : )