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  1. ksklboys2

    Denied orourkee staff application

    cool guy. dont know why he's wasting his time applying tho
  2. ksklboys2

    Denied Staff Application

    no thanks
  3. ksklboys2

    Denied gpb helper app

    can't believe he was demoted. 10/10 decent staff wasn't a total suckup like the rest of the terrible staff team. also, i was false muted again someone please do something about that.
  4. ksklboys2

    Denied Zoniras' Re-Application

    fortnite bad
  5. ksklboys2

    Denied KingStitch’s Helper Application

    color scheme caused my eyes to hurt
  6. ksklboys2

    Denied pxlize's Application for UniverseMC (Version V)

    thanks for the positive feedback guys, i really appreciate it
  7. ksklboys2

    Denied kidbitz Staff Application

    absolutely incredible.
  8. ksklboys2

    Accepted AppleiPhone’s Staff Application.

    retired rank isnt a thing lol
  9. ksklboys2

    Denied yooooo

    +1 huge +1 from me. doesnt act all fake and nice just to get on the staff team yes
  10. ksklboys2

    Denied alyssa_ms staff application(Droppedexe)

    +1 probably better than half the staff on the team already idk why u changed ur name to alyssa but okay
  11. ksklboys2

    Denied HarleyCC's Staff Application

    -1 immature in discord quite unknown in-game
  12. ksklboys2

    Denied Zoniras' Re-Application

    -1 immature barely meets requirements plays fortnite
  13. ksklboys2

    Denied MasterLoler's Staff Application

    -1 Annoying and fake in discord Format and colors killed my eyes