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  1. Angry_Pineapple1

    world record for the most possible blacklists on universemc

    today, i achieved the world record for the most number of blacklists from universe. im currently on a pendeca blacklist. pendeca means fourteen. im blacklisted from the following servers: Jupiter Mars Pluto Uranus Neptune Earth Venus VenusReset Mercury Saturn Event Hub1 Hub2 Hub3 i dont even...
  2. Angry_Pineapple1

    Updated Boss Rewards List - Jupiter

    Credits to J0NBE4R for the original thread, however it was a tad bit outdated. I've decided to go ahead and update it with all of the new bosses and drops that may not have been correct in the original thread. The thread has no particular order...
  3. Angry_Pineapple1


    I'm guessing most of you clicked because of the title. This is my rant on Universe as a whole and how the server has gone downhill so much, that I don't even want to play. Back when I started playing, in early 2017, the server was great. This was during season 3 or 4 when I started. The server...
  4. Angry_Pineapple1

    Denied Faction Teaming

    Thread Title: Faction Teaming IGN: (In-game name): Angry_Pineapple Date: Oct 15, 2018 Suggestion: After having our base attempted by both Ingsoc and Jelly, I believe that faction teaming in raids on just one faction should be prohibited. I know that is the purpose of allies but how would you...
  5. Angry_Pineapple1

    Denied Suggestions for Mars

    Thread Title: Suggestions for Mars IGN: (In-game name): Angry_Pineapple Date: Oct 9, 2018 Suggestion: I would like to see these things on Mars. I would like to see these rewards in the voting crate, Sell sponge, bosses, bedrock, 3x3 trench pick, Mystic rank, and assorted kits. What I would also...