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  1. Acceptation

    Staff List

    I would write a whole staff list... The thing is this server has staff leaving and coming every single week, they can't keep them so the list would be full of people who where staff for like a week and no one would know them
  2. Acceptation

    Who is on the staff team

    Pretty sure you're like a semi randy so yeahhhh
  3. Acceptation

    Guy admits to using lunar client

    Ehhh. Download link, no thanks.
  4. Acceptation

    Who are you?

    Who are you?
  5. Acceptation

    Who are you?

    Who are you?
  6. Acceptation

    Denied Media Rank Application

    No support. You barely get the views.
  7. Acceptation

    Hello, I'm Blake!

    Another user who stayed very long WOAH I'm impressed
  8. Acceptation

    xoteh :D

    Okay you actually stayed hi
  9. Acceptation


    Well you stayed long
  10. Acceptation

    I'm ProGio767

    Cool hi
  11. Acceptation


  12. Acceptation

    Hello I'm FastFruit!

  13. Acceptation

    NoHubs Recognition

    Sure gg nohub
  14. Acceptation

    Suggestion /cf Fee

    Sure support. Dont waste your time making suggestions on the forums though cause they're rarely looked at
  15. Acceptation

    Zoxide Recognition

    ok doxide
  16. Acceptation

    Top 5 Pvpers On UniverseMC

    I think that IzaFour and RoboticSavage are the best pvpers nglll
  17. Acceptation

    Staff List (Updated Frequently)

    It's outdated by like a week cause Joes is lazy
  18. Acceptation

    Denied Suggestion for Sr.Mod!

    No Support. The whole point of a senior moderator is to give less work for the administrator team so that they can work on bigger projects such as working on updates, releasing new game modes etc. They are given the option to take on the senior moderator position or not so it's not like they...
  19. Acceptation

    Staff Recognition - gpb

    +1 Also promote Daniel please <3