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    Suggestion Donator ranks on the forums

    Everyone would have to make tickets and what not, I think this idea would be cool though and have each rank give a certain color to that persons name
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    Suggestion Jupiter Realm clean-up.

    everything is broken
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    Suggestion Voting on Mercury

    votes broke on all realms
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    Suggestion REPORT

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    Suggestion /Trash

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    Suggestion UnBlacklist All

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    Hazb0 is bad

    Hazb0 is bad
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    JustCallMeSemYT Should be promoted

    She a cutie too :)
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    I would like to say that I think ItzVoidicalGrave if by far one of the most active staff members in game and in the UniverseMC discord. He is always either 1st or 2nd to respond to my tickets when I have an issue or a question that needs to be answered. I really appreciate him being active on...
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    Accepted Ryan14VT's Media App

    good luck
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    Denied Healtic's Media App

    Their is a certain amount of views you need, So I would suggest to keep uploading until you get there
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    You a little boy to me, I kiss u on yo forehead

    You a little boy to me, I kiss u on yo forehead
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    I lick Anon Toes

    I lick Anon Toes
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    lick me

    lick me
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    Denied Youtube Rank

    we recording that rn :))))
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    Denied Youtube Rank

    we are in the mix of editing videos atm