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  1. ShaiShaiB

    Announcement ✦JUPITER DIMENSION SEASON 20✦

    Nice, some new things to do on Jupiter.
  2. ShaiShaiB

    Suggestion /trade command suggestion.

    +1 scamming is a big no no
  3. ShaiShaiB

    Suggestion Donator ranks on the forums

    +1 I definetly think this should be added
  4. ShaiShaiB

    Sandbot Tutorial

    Thanks for the guide. Hopfully new people now will know how to use them.
  5. ShaiShaiB

    Staff List

    Owner AnonymousOG Manager NoHub Admin Ntplayer Zoxide Developer Lollipop56_ SoFocused Sirvite_ Jr. Admin Sr. Mod ItzVoidicalGrave AppleiPhone Mod Jr. Mod Gankfights Enthalpy Saphelia ImperfectChip JerryInc Fidgeted Helper 4scended Alphabetttt TireMarks Ronanisgodly Simplexpython Toast_xd...
  6. ShaiShaiB

    Apple or android?

    I would say for me it would have to be Apple.
  7. ShaiShaiB

    Announcement ✦Uranus Dimension Season 3✦ you can apply there
  8. ShaiShaiB

    Updated Boss Rewards List - Jupiter

    Nice guide!
  9. ShaiShaiB

    Describe this server in 3 words

    Fun Boring Cf
  10. ShaiShaiB

    Chat Spam / Glitch

    Im assuming youve logged off and back on to the server. So have you tried logging into a different account or completely deleting minecraft than redownloading it? Just some suggestions.
  11. ShaiShaiB

    Suggestion /Roam in Jupiter

    +1 its kind of annoying having to world download everytime
  12. ShaiShaiB

    Suggestion /cf Fee

    +1 but maybe instead of no fee there should be a 1 percent fee that at the end of the day goes in to a lottery and the person who wins gets all the money gathered from throughout the day
  13. ShaiShaiB

    Suggestion /Duel Command

    +1 It helps players decide who is a better pvper on equal grounds
  14. ShaiShaiB

    Suggestion Making Blaze Spawners more useful on Jupiter Realm!

    +1 it would also get people to actually place some value which would cause a bit of action throughout the week instead of just saturday
  15. ShaiShaiB

    Suggestion MCCrates

    +1 the crates should be buffed