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  1. Triqes

    Who is on the staff team

    Who came back to the staff team that are not randys
  2. Triqes

    For no hub and Sam and ysn

    How could I forget my partner in crime miss u kid, I'm going back to my school today so I'll be gone for a couple more months love u all and will miss u and someone say hi to Joe's for me
  3. Triqes

    For no hub and Sam and ysn

    And congrats for getting back on the staff team, when it should have happens back when I was a staff
  4. Triqes

    For no hub and Sam and ysn

    Thanks bro
  5. Triqes

    any old players even left

    Y'all got me back for the rest of the day
  6. Triqes

    For no hub and Sam and ysn

    Some of you might know me because i used to be staff on this server then I kinda turned into a annoying douche and I want to say sorry for that. In the past 4 months I have been living in a treatment center for my depression and anxiety. Before that little things brought me joy but one of them...
  7. Triqes

    Announcement ✦Venus Dimension Season 6✦

    can you take out they key animation on venus since ur adding a key finder there will be even more keys and its just annoying to open and also buff the venus crate becuase its sometimes just not worth opening make the crates close to the same on other realms like and admin crate and that...
  8. Triqes

    Hello Fellow Adventures

    Hi everyone My name is Cxnser and I am gonna start grinding UNI Here is a little about me I am 16 and from Massachusetts, US I am a sophomore in high school My best buddies name is Luke and he says Hi (a little about Luke) Luke has autism but still finds happiness in the world and would like...
  9. Triqes

    Just tell me when u leave a review

    Just tell me when u leave a review
  10. Triqes

    Denied No key gui

    Thread Title: No key gui IGN: (In-game name): Cxnser Date: Oct 14, 2019 Suggestion: To Get rid of the key gui when opening crates. Server: Mars Planet Reason for this Suggestion: It takes to long when you have a stack of keys
  11. Triqes

    Reciginiton for Zarinaw and GetTheShotgun

    Thanks too both of you
  12. Triqes

    Reciginiton for Zarinaw and GetTheShotgun

    I know I already recognized shotgun but him and zarinaw deserve it. My day started off pretty shitty (excuse my language), when I woke up today I found out my grandmother had passed away, so you know as someone would I hid away from my family and friends ( I haven't talked to either my parents...
  13. Triqes

    Recognition for Getthershotgun and b1ackmailed

    Although b1ackmailed isn’t the most active staff member he helped me get through things not just in Minecraft but In life he is a great staff member and always positive. get the shotgun is a friendly gentleman and I would like him to get noticed for actually spending time with the community...