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Announcement Applying for Media Rank [Tips and Tricks]

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Network Manager
Jul 1, 2019
Thank you for taking the time to check out this forum post! For everyone wanting to apply for YT or Streamer rank, these are some tips to help you through the process!

Tip #1. Don't ask staff to check your application.

I am the only person who accepts these applications. If you are in need of assistance or have a question about applying, please feel free to pm me on discord, in game, or start a conversation with me on the forums. Asking staff will result in your application being denied.

Tip #2. Don't rush your application.
We get it, you are excited about starting out here on the UniverseMC Media team, but remember, Staying mature, and presenting your self nicely will greatly increase your chances of making the cut. If you don't meet all of the requirements, don't cheat or try and apply before making these cuts. We here at the UniverseMC Media team are only looking for the best of the best, and people who can represent our server greatly.

Tip #3. Don't break any In-Game rules.
Before your application is accepted, we take time to go through your records here at UniverseMC. If we see that you are a Toxic player, a Cheater, or anybody who will represent us badly, we will not under any circumstances accept your application. We hold our media members to very high standards, and if you break any rules before you create your application, we can only assume you'll make them afterward.

Tip #4. Don't lie.
We are the UniverseMC staff team. We know everything. Please refrain from hiding your past, or lying to anyone on the server. We only want the real you, not who you pretend to be. Lying before your application will only lead us to believe that you're most likely a liar. Anyone caught lying will have their application archived, and denied.

Tip #5. Meet the current requirements.
If you don't meet these requirements, please don't apply. It wastes both our time and yours. We check everything on your application before even considering you. We try our best to prevent people who only lie and cheat their way into the Media Team. If you are caught after you are Promoted, your rank will be removed, and you will have to reapply when you meet the requirements.

Tip #6. Keep a good reputation.
Here at the UniverseMC Media Team, we keep track of all of our Youtubers and Streamers. If you are caught breaking rules, being toxic, or shining a bad light on the server, you will be given a strike. Everyone who is Promoted starts out with 0 strikes. If you continuously break rules, you will be given strikes. Once a Media member hits 3 strikes, you're out. Your Media rank will be removed, and you will be blacklisted from Applying for 3 months. This is to ensure we only have the best people on our team.

Thank you,
Management Team.
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