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Rules | Mars - Realm 2

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May 7, 2019
UniverseMC - Faction Rules : Mars.
Last edited on 5th of June 2019.

Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change at any given time, it is your responsibility as a faction leader to keep up to date with the rules and make sure your faction members do as well. All punishments, whether done by a new recruit or a co-leader are all valid and no exceptions will be made. Any questions regarding the rules you must consult an admin/a member of the management team.


All rules that a faction breaks will be displayed in our factions striking system. This can be found on our discord. You will receive also a direct discord notification as to why your faction has been striked and possibly what you need to change/edit about what you’ve done. The punishments for each strikes will be given out as Followed:

Strike 1 - 10% of the factions value taken.
Strike 2 - 20% of the factions value taken.
Strike 3 - 35% of the factions value taken.
Strike 4 - Factions disband - Lose base - Lose all value.


Defensive rules.

1. No regenerating walls.

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

2. Illegal defences.
You are are not allowed to use the following items as defences:
- Cacti
- Enchantment table
- Brewing Stands
- All variants of chests
- Levers
- Cakes
- SoulSand
- Torches
- Iron fences & regular fences

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

3. Patching walls with schematica printer or gen buckets during an active raid.

Actively being raided includes TnT being shot at your base and or active PvP being fought inside your base. If TnT is not been actively fired for at least 7 minutes then it’s not considered an active raid. Please note, building a cannon isn’t considered an active from of raiding.

Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes & a 7 day temp-ban to all faction members involved. If this happens twice to a single faction, they will be disbanded.

4. Covering spawners.

You are not allowed to cover your spawners with any block, lava or water to prevent them from being raided.

Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes

5. Illegal buffer.
You are not allowed to have a buffer larger than 20 chunks (20 chunks in each direction, starting from the first wall.)

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

6. Removal of FTOP value during an active raid.
We speak of an active raid until seven minutes since the last shot fired have passed.

Punishment: 2 Faction strikes + Full compensation for the raiding faction.

7. Raid detectors.
Automatic notifications that indicate that you are being raided.

Punishment: Faction will be disbanded as well as leader being permanently banned.

8. Straight Line Wilderness Patching

Punishment: 1 to 2 faction strike depending on severity, (defined by admin) + user who patched receives a 7d ban. - NO EXCEPTIONS.


Claiming Rules.

1. Anti raid claims/Extending your buffer.

Extending Your buffer Isn't allowed. Anti-raid claims must be at a minimum of 5 chunks from the end of your buffer and the maximum size of the anti raid claims is 10 chunks on each side of the base.

1st Offense:
The faction will be given 24 hours to remove the illegal anti raid claims if they do not cooperate we will remove them and the faction will be striked once.
2nd Offense+:
Claims will be removed and 1 strike will be given.

2. Bases too close.
When building a base next to another base, a minimum gap of 30 chunks is to be kept.

Punishment: Faction will be messaged with a warning that they have 24 hours to move the base claims so there's a 30 chunk gap, if the claims has not been fixed within the given period of time they will be given a factions strike.

3. A faction can only claim a single corner.

If a faction claims multiple corners they will be asked to unclaim all but one. 24 hours will be given to remove the claims. If not an admin will remove the claims and 1 strike will be given.

4. Raid Claim Rules.

Raid claims can only be a total of 8x8. You can only have one set of raid claims on each side of a base.

1st Offense:
24 hours will be given to remove the claims. If not an admin will remove the claims and 1 strike will be given.
2nd Offense+:
An admin will remove the claims and 1 strike will be given.

Cannoning rules.

1. Automatic Cannons.

Any form of fully automatic cannons, including auto sand comps are not allowed above y-level 10, below y-10 are allowed when they are following the other rules given below.

Any form of clock that is not below y-level 10 is prohibited.

Punishment: 2 Faction Strike + 7d ban for the player/s issuing the cannon

3. Multiple wall shooters.
A cannon can only break one wall per shot and at a pace of 2.0 seconds per shot.

Punishment: If this rule is broken the punishment will be 2 Faction Strike + 7d ban for the players issuing the cannon

4. Left/right shooting.
Left / right shooting is not allowed.

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike & a 5 day tempban to all involved players. Faction would be compensated for lost spawner.

5. Roof cannoning.
Roof cannoning is not allowed, unless the roof is built incorrectly, e.g. under the max height.

Punishment: 2 Faction Strike

6. Only one active cannon per attempt (includes raiding with two factions) - NO EXCEPTIONS

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

7. Lag cannons.

Punishment: Cannon will be removed by an admin.

8. Raid Leeching.

Raid leeching is NOT allowed, once faction breaches another faction's base it is prohibited to steal the raid by going in to that base and/or taking any value that the base has.

Punishment: 1 strike and all loot compensated to original raiding faction.


Miscellaneous Rules.

1. Alt/ally factions cannot be used to evade any of these rules.

Punishment: Both factions will be disbanded.

2. Merging
Merging factions in order to increase FTOP value is not allowed.

Punishment: 3 Faction Strikes + All value gained from the merge taken

3. Giving other factions wealth.

Punishment: 2 Faction Strikes

3. Autoselling.
This includes scripts, macros etc.

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

4. Excessively Ban Evading/Cheating.
Note: If you or your faction members are constantly cheating/ban evading your faction will receive a strike as a result of their actions.

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike

5. Illegal homes.

No homes in ANY land besides your own factions.

Raiding with any homes you have in other territory is strictly prohibited, if you are caught having a home in any land besides your own you will be banned.

Punishment: 1 Faction strikes + 18d ban.

6. Scripting.

Any form of scripting is strictly prohibited.

Punishment: Disband + Full removal of base, balance and all value in your PVs and Enderchest + Permanent blacklist from the entire network.

7. Gaining value after spawner place has been disabled and/or was meant to be disabled.

You may not gain any value in any way after spawner placement has been disabled or was meant to be.

Punishment: 2 Faction strikes + Disqualified from weekly payout.

8. All value must Be placed in main base:

All value must be placed in main base to qualify for payouts, you can only have one main base, having multiple boxes throughout your buffer does not count as 1 main base. For something to pass as a “main base” it is required you have at least 80 walls.

Punishment: Disqualification from weekly payout.

9. Spawners

You may not scatter your spawner across your base roof, meaning making a pillar that is 1-2 blocks all over your roof.

All spawners must be raidable. Spawners must be able to be cegged and cannot be freely floating.

Punishment: 1 strike and 24h removal period, but must be raidable at least 12 hours before payout period. If not removed all spawners before payouts or disqualification.

10. Insiding

You may not inside in ANY way. This means taking value from your faction in anyway, tping users into the base without the owners consent, and unclaiming land that causes your faction to get raided.

Punishment: Permanent ban to the user that insided

11. Backing into enemy land

You may NOT use the /back command to go into enemy land in any way.

Punishment: 30 day ban to the user that executed the /back command.


No hide Rules.

1. Storing spawners on alternate accounts/main accounts.

Punishment: Disqualification and 2 strikes

2. Hiding spawners in F chest.

Punishment: 1 strike + all spawners in f chest taken

3. Having spwaners OUTSIDE your main base.
You may NOT have spawners ANYWHERE besides your main base.

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike + All value outside of the main base removed

3. Refusing to place value from raid.

You MUST place all value received from raids within a 1 HOUR time frame.

Punishment: 1 Faction Strike + all raided value taken
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