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Jul 1, 2019
UniverseMC - Skyblock rules: Neptune
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Disclaimer: These rules are subject to change at any given time, it is your responsibility as an island leader to keep up to date with the rules and make sure your island members do as well. All punishments, whether done by a new recruit or a co-leader are all valid and no exceptions will be made. Any questions regarding the rules you must consult an admin/a member of the management team.

ALL punishments and rules are able to be waived, applied, and compromised by and to the administrative team’s discretion, no exceptions.

All rules that an island breaks will be displayed in our island striking system. This can be found on our Discord. you will be notified usually through Discord direct messages, or in-game. The punishments for each strike will be given out as follows:

Strike System

Strikes 1-3 - 33% is top value deduction each strike

Strike 4 - Island disband - island deleted - lose all value + disqualification from is top payout


1. TP Trapping/Killing
First Offense: 1 day temporary ban

Second Offense: 7 day temporary ban

Third Offense: 30 day temporary ban
Lying to a player in order to trick them into tping to you, and then killing them

2. Insiding
First Offense: Permanent Ban w/ Appeal + full compensation to insided island
You may not inside in ANY way. This means taking value or items from your island in anyway.

Anything you put on the island, then turns into the owners property/items, whether it was yours in the first place or not.

Griefing an island will also count as insiding.

3. Intentional Insiding
1 island Strike for the gaining, plus all value taken.
Insiding your current island to give value or items to another island

4. Faking an inside
first offence: perm ban + items gained taken + 2 island strikes
Lying to staff in order to make them believe you got insided with the intention to gain items.

5. Glitch Offences

First Offense: 30 day temporary ban
Second Offense: Perm Ban w/ Appeal
Third Offense: Perm Ban w/o Appeal

Any value that is made from these glitches will be removed. and will result in 2 island strikes.
*Showing players glitches only in return for items/money

*Using a server glitch to gain personal benefit

*Being aware of a glitch and not informing a staff member about it

6. Cheating or any sort of Blacklisted Modifications
First Offense: 1 island strike + all value/items gained from breaking this rule will be taken

Second Offense: Disqualification from ./is top payout.
Any sort of Blacklisted Modification that helps increase your ./is value or benefits you in any sort of way.

NOTE: This will be up to the management team decision.

7. Merging Value
First Offense: 50% value reduction + all merged value removed + DQ for the current week of payout + perm ban to members involved in the merge

**Management teams discretion**

Merging islands in order to increase ISLAND value is not allowed.

NOTE: You are allowed to merge islands in the case of adding more members, but if you take any value from one island to another this is not allowed.

8. Trading Value
First Offense: 1 island strike + 7d temp ban to player(s) involved.

Second Offense: Disqualification from ./is top payout.

(Both Islands Trading are punished for this offence)

Anyone attempting to bypass this rule will be punished.
Trading direct value (Spawners & Blocks) is not allowed. You may trade items such as CTF Summoners, GKITS, Vouchers etc.

If you are selling spawners on the Auction House or via other methods it must be sold for a reasonable price. (This is down to admin discretion).

9. Printing In Value (Blocks)
First Offense: 1 island strike + 7d temp ban to player(s) involved.

Second Offense: 2 island strikes + permanment ban
Printing in blocks aka value will result in Disqualification from payout. However, you ARE allowed to print in island builds (houses, farms, etc).

10. Automatic Farms
First Offense: 1 island strike + Farm removed

If player is autofarming then:

balance reset + token reset + harvester hoe removed

Second Offense: 1 island strike + 7d temp ban to user(s) who built the farm + farm removed
Making a farm that automatically harvests crops for you.

This only applies for crops

Examples below:

Using pistons to automatically farm cane:


Using minecarts with a player sitting in them hitting cane


11. Scripting/Cane nuking
First Offence: Permanent blacklist from Neptune Realm + 2 island strikes + balance reset + token reset + all items gained from scripting removed.
Any form of scripting is strictly prohibited. Using the Break and place feature on printer, Karma Cane Mod, Macros and any type of modification that gives you an advantage. (Key Macros that run a command are allowed)

12. Auto Selling
First offense: 7d ban 1 island strike + balance reset
You may not use scripts, glitches, or putting things on your mouse to auto sell

You may not use minecarts to auto sell:


Sitting a player in the minecart and putting something on your mouse in order to sell is not allowed.

13. Afk mining
First Offense: 12h tempban to player
Second offence: 2d tempban to player

Third offence: 7d tempban to player + 1 island strike
Afking mining is not allowed, you may not put something on top of your mouse, or use the f11 glitch in order to automatically mine sugarcane, or cobblestone gens.

14. Alt Voting
First Offense: 12h temp ban to player + items gained taken
Second offence: 7d tempban to player + items gained taken
You may not vote on alts

15. Minion Abuse
First Offence: 1 island strike and 7d tempban to player + extra minions removed
Abusing the minion limit on islands in any way will result in punishment.

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