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Announcement Uranus Dimension Release | a new chapter


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Dec 27, 2017
Uranus Dimension - a new chapter

Release: 30th of May at 1PM EST

Hello Astronauts,
Welcome to the fourth season of Uranus better known as the revamp. This season of Uranus a lot has changed from last season. We've added new features, completely revamped our rules, and recruited countless new recruits to the staff team to ensure that the server is the perfect Competetive experience for all users.


Starting off the post with most likely some news that may sadden some users, but due to our support on our previous maps of Uranus being quite low, we've decided to lower the payouts to the following. Note; the payouts will be raised back to their original amount once the management team feels it is appropriate to bring back.

First place: $400 PayPal & $80 Buycraft WEEKLY
Second Place: $75 Buycraft WEEKLY
Third Place: $50 Buycraft WEEKLY

Factions Plugin Revamp

Now, on a brighter note here is one of the BIGGEST changes we've done to UniverseMC's realms in a very long time. There is so much information/content in our new factions plugin so be sure to read everything!

Raid timer

Yes, finally we have a raid timer! Upon raiding someone it'll start "phases" and during these phases, certain actions are limited such as gen buckets, mining spawners, going into printer mode, and the use of explosions! Along with this, if another faction starts to raid a faction whilst another faction is cannoning from another side, the faction will be alerted to stop raiding to prevent double raiding occurring! Once a raid is considered over, the faction will be alerted in chat that they can now place genbuckets and print again.


Faction Alts

Finally, faction alts are fixed! In our new factions plugin, f alts will work flawlessly! In /f who alts will be separated from the main members, allowing people to know who is/isn't alts!


F ninja

Looking to be stealthy? No worries, we've added F ninja which will stop enemies from losing fly whilst your flying around!

Clickable map

Tired of accidentally claiming outside of the border, or just flying to land to claim it? No worries! You can now simply click on the piece of land you want to unclaim/claim and it will work!


Faction Banner

Introducing faction banner! Upon doing /f banner and creating your faction's banner, it will allow your faction members to teleport to you wherever it is placed! Let's say your getting 1v5d in the warzone and need backup, just simply place a faction banner and your members will be able to warp to your location!

Faction Credits

Introducing faction credits! Faction credits are obtainable from missions (discussed later in the thread) and can be used to upgrade various faction related perks such as spawner rates, crop rates, more warps, faction chest size, and more!

Faction Upgrades

Introducing faction upgrades! Faction upgrades allow you to boost your faction in various ways! Take a look at the picture linked below for more information!


Faction Inspect

Tired of people logging off with items from your faction? No worries, leaders can now manage that themselves by doing f inspect!

Faction stats

Want to moderate your faction's stats? No worries, you can now check stats based off of your faction by doing the following commands;
/f stats
/f statslb


Faction see chunk

Want to be able to see chunks without logging on a particular mod, no worries you can now do that by doing /f sco!

Revamped Faction permission system

For this upcoming Uranus revamp we've also revamped our f permissions system allowing you to manage MUCH more specific parts of your faction!


Faction Alarm

For this upcoming season of Uranus we've released /f alarm! This system will alert your members you're being raided by playing sounds and sending a message in chat.

Faction Ban/unban

For this upcoming season of Uranus we've released /f ban/unban! You can now ban players from ever joining your faction if you wish!

Faction Missions

For this upcoming season of Uranus we've released faction missions! Upon finishing missions you will receive credits that can be used to upgrade things such as spawner rates, and crop growth rate!


Revamped faction draining system

For this upcoming season of Uranus we've revamped our f drain system to make it much easier to manage as a leader!

F corner

Tired of spending hours making a channel in your discord to keep track of who owns what corners, no worries! /f corner will now show who owns what corners in all worlds! (Can hover over claimed corners to see which faction owns them)


Revamped raid claim system

For this upcoming season of Uranus, we've released our revamped raid claim system!

List claims added

For this upcoming season of Uranus, to ensure no one has excess claims that could potentially lead to them getting strikes we've added /f listclaims! This command will list where all of your claims are and just by simply clicking on the coordinates you can remove claims!


New Creeper Eggs
Yes, after countless maps we're finally ready to release our new creeper eggs which will be obtainable in our token shop! These will include semtex creeper eggs which will stick to walls

Rank Changes
For the first season of Uranus, we've made the executive decision to make ALL RANKS permanent from this point on, besides the limited edition ghoul rank.

Revamped Crate System
For this season of Uranus, we've released our new crate system! This crate system will make keys virtual, and give you the ability to re-roll your crate rewards if you have the correct rank.

Star Fall

For this season of Uranus, one of our newest features is Starfall. Starfall is similar to a mix of CTF/Alien invasion, however, they will only be found in the Deathzone. You can view the times in which starfalls will drop by doing /starfall schedule in-game.


For the upcoming season of Uranus, we've really wanted to ensure that the server stays fair, and that we do our absolute best in detecting cheaters. For this season we've added additional timer and Autoclicker and Reach checks to the server!

Hopper Freezing

For this season of Uranus, we've finally fixed the hopper freezing issue that occurred last season. This season hoppers will work like normal!

FULL Rules Revamp

After last season, we don't want a repeat of what occurred, strikewars. For this season we've released a FULL rule revamp which can be found here. (harder to get disbanded from petty strikes)

Anti scripting measures

For this season of Uranus, we've done a full development overhaul on how we handle scripting. For nuking cane, we've made it so the second any piece of cane is nuked, including 1 piece the staff are instantly pinged in-game to prevent all sorts of nuking! To block mods that automatically mine for people, we've finally fixed our captchas which will appear relatively often whilst mining sugarcane to ensure no one is AFK mining.

Revamped Harvesterhoes

For this season of Uranus, we've done a FULL harvesterhoe revamp! Upon joining the server you will now spawn with a revamped harvester hoe.

HarvesterHoe custom Enchantments

Along with our revamp on the aesthetics to harvester hoes, we've added a full custom enchantment system to them! Upon farming sugarcane you can level up your Essence, Posses, and Blast. Here is a breakdown of what the custom enchantments will do!


Essence - upon leveling up will increase the amount of sugarcane each piece drops!


Posses - upon leveling up will increase the number of tokens you get from mining sugarcane!


Blast - upon leveling up will break sugarcane within a large radius (3x3,5x5, ext)

Revamped Coinflip

For this season of Uranus, we've added our REVAMPED coinflip plugin!

Fortified Walls

For this season of Uranus, we've added fortified walls! This plugin will automatically limit cannon speeds, meaning no one can shoot faster than the cannon speed limit no matter what!

Spawner Changes

For this season of Uranus, we've done some massive changes to the way our server deals with spawners. For this season, we've added a new system to spawners that will eliminate all hiding. Upon buying/winners spawners from anywhere in-game, the spawner will now have a countdown on it explaining when it must be placed by. Upon winning/buying each spawner you will have 24 hours during grace to place them.

Crate Changes

For this season of Uranus, we've done a revamp to our Uranus crate key's rewards. This season the crate will have FULL Revamped rewards! Be sure to check them out at /warp crates in-game


For this season of Uranus, we've released our **NEW** Uranus Mcrate! This new LIMITED edition crate is available on our store!


For this season of Uranus, another one of our biggest new features is the addition of Bard! A bard will give you the following affects upon wearing the gold armor set;

Permanent Regeneration 3 for the user wearing the set

Permanent speed 2 for the user wearing the set
Permanent resistance 4 for the user wearing the set

Faction buffs;
Strength 3 for 3 seconds upon clicking the blaze rod
Resistance 3 upon clicking the iron ingot for 5 seconds
Speed 3 upon clicking the sugarcane for 5 seconds

Additional bug fixes/changes

    • Added June MCRATE
    • Did minor edits to store pricing
    • Unban all - Including chargeback bans (only blacklists stay!)
    • Made it harder to leave deathzone
    • Made it so you can pay 500k tokens at a time
    • Optimized the server in various ways (just in general much better performance)
    • You can now do /f who to check if a faction's shield is active
    • Blocked all versions besides 1.8
    • Added factions top knock notifications in chat
    • Added spawner chunks (/f spawnerchunk in-game)
    • Made genbuckets faster
    • Made it so you cannot claim past the border (physically will not let you)
    • Revamped roster rewards (to fit the revamped store/rank system)
    • Added /f assist

What are FTOP prizes?
The payouts for this season will be the following:
First place: $400 PayPal & $80 Buycraft WEEKLY
Second Place: $75 Buycraft WEEKLY
Third Place: $50 Buycraft WEEKLY

What are StatsTOP prizes?
The payouts for statstop this season will be the following:
1. $20 Paypal

Basic Information
12-hour shields
20 chunk buffers
3-second cannon speed
2k by 2k world borders
10 man factions, 15 man f-roster 5 roster kicks PER season
250 power per player
7-day map, 3 days of grace
4 worlds, 16 corners total!
Sugarcane based Economy
Wild, fly, and chat disabled for the first hour
upgradable harvester hoes

I hope everyone is excited about the second season of Uranus. Here is the basic information needed to help make sure you are ready for release!
SOTW: May 30th at 1PM EST
Grace ends June 2nd, 4PM EST

90% off sale on the server release
The map is a NO HIDE meaning no value can be hidden!
Thanks, UniverseMC Management Team



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